Why choose Shopshipshake.com?

a) Why Shopshipshake stands out among other agents?

Shopshipshake works on both shopping and shipping and will provide stable supply chains.

Shopshipshake will expand its services into other countries in Africa soon.

Shopshipshake is the only qualified strategic partnership.

Shopshipshake shares strategic cooperation with Buffalo Logistic who can provide Fast Express at a reasonable price.

Shopshipshake is the only qualified strategic partnership with 1688.com to provide services to Africa.

Shopshipshake provides products of good quality from 1688.com verified by SSS.

Shopshipshake has a specialized team including IT professionals and customer service agents.

Shopshipshake has a full-time working hour from Monday to Friday. For Saturday and Sunday, we will also reply to your need as soon as we could.

Shopshipshake promises to double check the details (e.g. quantity) of your items, to reply to your messages in time, to not overcharge you on weight and shipping, and to guarantee you a transparent logistic fee.

b) How are the staff? Are they qualified?

Currently, we have a professional service team working on the project and more staffs ready at your service in Guangdong, Shenzhen.

The staff are all English speakers and can make barrier-free communication directly with customers.

They are all trained as professional consultants with specialized knowledge to help customers.

Why pick 1688.com?

Ever wondered where and how to get the cheapest products to start a business?

China is surely an option, with its massive market and a good deal of convenient online shopping sites. You may hold back because it costs so much to make a round trip to China, but taking advantage of the Internet, now you don’t have to go to China in person to get what you need at the cheapest price!

I believe most of you have already known this, and we’ve got AliExpress and Alibaba which provide international services. For those who are deeply informed, I’m sure you’re familiar with Taobao.com or 1688.com.

So, now we know where we’re heading, but how to cut the landing cost and shop at the best price?

I’m glad to share with you in this write up how to start a business with a cost price less than the airfare to China. I will show you the way to shop and source on the most economical wholesale site around the world in China.

Many people know about Taobao, but not so much about 1688.com. 1688 is, in fact, the main source of all other stores in China and can be your best choice if you are really interested in starting a business through small volume import.

To start with, let me show you a comparison among 1688.com and other three major online-shopping sites in China. The table below will give a better illustration.

The main distinction lies in the difference in languages. Alibaba and AliExpress are made in English to provide services for customers from outside China. The price may thus be higher than that is offered in China due to cross-border business, extra services, brand effect, etc. However, as a local factory outlet platform, 1688 is mostly free of these charges, and you can think of 1688 as “a Chinses version of Alibaba.com”.

Alibaba and AliExpress do have cheap products, and you may usually place larger orders from Alibaba and smaller orders from AliExpress. But what you may not know is that 1688 is their shared wholesale site. If you place an order on 1688 instead, not only can you reduce possible service charges, but you can also purchase directly from factories in China and enjoy a shipment faster than that provided by Alibaba and AliExpress as you will be able to skip a lot of intermediate steps to get what you want.

What’s more, 1688 also supports many other online shopping sites that you may be familiar with and contributes to the emerging online shopping trend in China. The following image shows the relationship between these sites.

Therefore, if you make efficient use of 1688, you may be able to cut the transportation fee brought by too many distributors or resellers, thus reducing your landing cost. Now you may wonder how to source 1688 while the whole site is in Chinese. By following the step-by-step tutorial below, you will find that placing an order directly on 1688.com won’t be a huge problem at all.

How to use 1688.com efficiently?

The usage of 1688.com is similar to Alibaba.com, except that the site is in Chinses. To overcome the language barrier, you would need a translation tool. We recommend Google Chrome Browser, which possesses a built-in translation function. Simply right-click on any blank area of a webpage in Chrome and select “Translate to … (i.e. English)”, you will then have the whole webpage translated into your preferred language.

However, keep in mind that only by inputting keywords in Chinese Character into the search bar can 1688 bring you the full search results. Fortunately, with the help of the Search Entry/Portal on https://www.shopshipshake.com, type in the English keywords and click “Search on 1688.com” and they will be automatically translated into Chinese and sent to 1688, followed by a popped up search result page from 1688. The Search Entry/Portal can be found at the header on https://www.shopshipshake.com. You can also google the images of the products you need and search by image.

So, with Chrome and the Search Entry/Portal from https://www.shopshipshake.com, you can easily search for target products on 1688.com and other sites in China. Now, knowing these tricks of the trade, you can run your business at a fair and reasonable cost without travelling to China. There are various products at amazing price await in 1688, and good luck with your exploration and shopping!

SSS Beginner’s guidance:

Thank you for choosing ShopShipShake, we will take you into a brand new purchase platform! If you are curious of SSS and want to know what it is and how it works, please click this link and get the information of SSS. We believe you cannot help to register after reading our beginner’s guidance!
Link for Beginner’s guidance:pdf.doc

Estimated shipping cost calculator:

Result :

Our Price

The total cost = Product Price + China Freight + Service Fee + International Freight (+ clearance), including:

Product Price: The price of the product.

China Freight: The freight of Goods shipped from the seller to our partner’s warehouse.

Service Fee: (Product Price+ China Freight) x 4-6%.

Currency Translation: (Product Price+ China Freight + Service Fee) x 2%, for ZAR/USD payment

International freight: This freight is charged according to your goods weight/volumetric weight)

*Exchange Rate: 1 Rand=0.46 Chinese Yuan, updated monthly

Importer's Code

     According to SARS Customs regulations (SC-CF-19 2.1) if you import more than 3 times a year, and/or the value of the of transactions exceeds R50,000 you need to obtain an importer's code. If you do not meet these requirements we are still liable to furnish SARS with your ID number in order to obtain clearance.

     As from 9 August 2018 we will need every consignee to provide us with their South African Importer's Code OR South African ID number to finalise the clearance.

     As a supplier, once you have placed an order, we will inform you immediately as to whether the consignee needs an importers code or identity number in the event that the information is not on file. We will also undertake to contact the consignee to obtain this information in order to complete the clearance procedures and ensure that we keep a record of these details for future transactions. In respect of consignees who only provide ID numbers, the system will only clear orders three times per year provided the total value does not exceed R50,000 per year.

      Here are the steps to apply Importer's Code:

     1)Get bank statement for proof of bank account (auto bank statement is fine).

     2)Make a copy of your ID.

     3)Get proof of residence (water and lights statement).

     4)Get proof of your cell phone or land line number (statement or write an affidavit as proof).

     5)Write an application letter stating that you want to apply for an importers code.

     6)Get your ID, Proof of residence, cell phone number (statement or Affidavit) and application letter certified at the police station.

     7)Get a printout from a S.A.R.S revenue office of your income tax number.

     8)Go to the customs offices with all your documentation.

     We will supply you with the DA185 and DA185.4A1 forms for customs.

     Make Sure that your certifications are clear and everything is readable. If it is not you will be declined or asked to go back to the police station do have your documents recertified.

     Normally will take 10 working days. Please apply the Importer's Code in time, otherwise it may affect the aging.

Customs required form download:LAPD-LSec-CE-RA.PDF       DA 185 4A1.PDF