Who is Shopshipshake ?

- Hope to help you in using the system , we can not promise 100% perfect for current system. But we
will try out best to make it better.
- 1.What is big difference between Shopshipshake and other agents
- Shopshipshake can both work on shop and ship and provide stable supply chains in the future
- Shopshipshake will support other countries in Africa in the very near future
- Shopshipshake has strategic relationship with the Buffalo logistic which can provide Fast Expres
by using a
a reasonable price
- Shopshipshake is the only strategic relationship with 1688.com in Africa
- Shopshipshake has over 30 people working in the project including IT Technology guy
- Working time of Shopshipshake work from Monday to Friday , Reply from weekend will be slow
but still will tried to reply at Saturday and Sunday as soon as possible .
- The other agents has the problem of /not checking quantity the products/Reply Slow/Charge
too much on Weight or not transparent in Logistic fee /Dishonesty and other problems
- 2 . How many Staff in China , Are the staff qualified or trained
- Currently we have over 10 Full-Time staff working in this project we have more staff in shenzhen.
- They all can speak English and even can talking directly with customers without no big problem
- They are all trained as professional consultant who have some knowledge to help customer

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