How to calculate shipping costs?

The specific amount is calculated based on the size of your package. We offer both air and sea shipping options:

We recommend using air shipping for lightweight and small items (5-10 days), while larger items are better suited for sea shipping (35-55 days).

Air shipping is calculated according to “Weight”.

If Actual Weight>Volumetric Weight,air shipping will be calculated according to “Actual Weight”;

If Actual Weight<Volumetric Weight,air shipping will be calculated according to “Volumetric Weight”;

For example:If the length, width and height of a package are 24cm、21cm、10cm  respectively,and the actual weight is 0.7KG, then the volumetric weight of the package is 24x21x10/6000=0.84KG,and the chargeable weight is 0.84KG.

Sea shipping is calculated according to “Volume”.

It should be noted that the volume of your parcel should be greater than 0.1 m³ can be applied in sea shipping. If parcel volume is less than 0.1 m³ still be calculated as 0.1 m³.

Billing volume is in units of 0.1m³.(For example, the actual volume of a package is 0.374 m³ but the shipping fee will be calculated as 0.4m³.)

Sea Shipping cost: 0.1m³=950R (Does not include local delivery costs,)

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