Trips To China

-I am new and want to do business but don't know how?

-Don't know how to import goods?

-Having trouble with your business?

-What should I do to be successful in business?

Don't worry! 

The offline lecture is coming!  Professional staff to help you do business successfully!

2023 should be the year we all focus on our growth and upskilling  ourselves!

Limited space available book your seat now!

Topic to be covered:to beTopic to be covered : covered :

Topic to be covere

  • Learn How To Source Goods From China
  • Import Licence
  • Shipping Process And Incoterms
  • Customs Clearance
  • Required Permits
  • Shopshipshake and Buffalo Logistics

Waiting for you join~

Cost: R1200 

Date: 14th Jan 2023

Address: Johannesburg


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