What is quantity check?

If you have concerns about the quality of the products, you can opt for our quality inspection service.

To enhance the control of the product quality on ShopShipShake and prevent our clients from receiving unqualified products, we improve the standard of the inspection to avoid disappointments from the clients:
1.Standard Scope of Application
We mainly inspect the following three types of commodity:
( 1 ) Apparel( 2 ) Footwear( 3 ) Bags & Accessories
With the continuous upgrading of services, we will expand the scope of services for quantity check.
2.Inspection content
2.1 Quantity Check
Quantity Check is mainly to check product style, material, and size.
(1) Style conformity. The main concern is whether the style, version, color, collar angle, cuffs, waist, printing, etc. of its products are consistent with the promotional pictures.
(2) Material. Check the inside and outside of clothes. Check whether products are faded, damaged , dyed or stained.
(3) Size. Check whether the products’ size is consistent with the promotional materials.
It should be noted that when the product is more than 95% (less than 2 differences between product and promotional picture) same with the promotional image, we consider it qualified.
For products of which the quality fails to pass the inspection standards, we will return the products immediately and refund the client.
2.2 Quantity Inspection
(1) The number of products. Check that the quantity of products arriving in the warehouse in China is consistent with the customer‘s order.
(2) The number of accessories. Check if the product accessories are complete, like shoelaces, shoulder straps, belts, bag straps, etc.
We will carefully count the number of products and accessories, make timely reissues for missing items, and inform customers of the situation in time. If the replenishment takes too long and the customer has no intention of continuing to purchase, we will refund the customer directly to reduce their loss.
2.3 Check ratio
For orders with large quantity of goods, we adopt selective examination. The following are the specific rules:
For orders with large quantity of goods, we adopt selective examination. The following are the specific rules:
Cart - ShopShipShake
Cart - ShopShipShake
Products below the lowest full inspection price may have many quality problems, so no inspection is provided. Please purchase with caution.
**ShopShipShake reserves the right to the interpretation of the above terms and conditions.

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