Our Price

The total cost = Product Price + China Freight + Service Fee + International Freight (+ clearance), including:

Product Price: The price of the product.

China Freight: The freighsearcht of Goods shipped from the seller to our partner’s warehouse.

Service Fee: (Product Price+ China Freight) x 4-6%.

Currency Translation: (Product Price+ China Freight + Service Fee) x 2%, for ZAR/USD payment

International freight: This freight is charged according to your goods weight/volumetric weight)

*Exchange Rate: Updated weekly according to the floating of exchange rate

Storage free period: 60 days, calculated from the order status of "collected". After the free storage period ends

1. The storage rate for 1 order is R10 per day per cubicmeter( at least R1) in the first month, and R20 in the second month.

2. If you have not submitted parcel delivery order or offered no feedback after further 30 days, the items will be automatically deem abandoned and processed as overdue (in this case, SSS will have the ownership of it).

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