Track your order

1.Track your logistics in China You can find the status of your products which have been paid under the “Orders – Purchase” page. Under the “Orders – collected” page, you can track which parcel has been collected in Chinese warehouse.

Chinese logistics status Where to find it Explanation
Seller shipped “Orders-purchase” page Products have been shipped and are on the way to the collection warehouse.
Purchased status “Orders-purchase” page Products have been paid but have not been shipped.
Collected “Orders-purchase” page Your parcel has been collected in Chinese warehouse.

2.Overseas logistics Under the “Orders – Shipping” page, you can track your international parcel, and you will know where it is. Click the order number, and the detail of your parcel will be shown. From order confirmed to client received, you can follow up the whole process.

International logistics status Explanation
Order confirmed International shipping order has been paid successfully and are waiting for picking
Packaging completed Finishing your parcels package
Enter warehouse Your parcels enter the China transit warehouse
Out of warehouse Your parcels have been shipped out of China transit warehouse
Clearance (CN) Customs clearance in China successfully
Air shipping Your parcels are being shipped by air
At the destination Your parcels have arrived at destination country
Dispatching Your parcels are on the way to your door by local courier
Client received Your parcels have been received
Cancelled You cancelled the International logistics to destination when your products arrived in collection warehouse.
Closed If your parcels lost after shipping to destination or have any problems, the international shipping order will be shut out.
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