Is there any air freight discount?

Unlock a New Dimension in Air Shipping: Exclusively for You!

Introducing an extraordinary air shipping opportunity for shipments exceeding 10 kg – a chance that promises exhilaration and excellence!

If you're among our B2B premium clients, brace yourself for an enticing promotion that's bound to elicit sheer delight.

-No More Fuss

Activities Unleashed:

  1. Air shipping for loads over 10 kg.
  2. Exclusively for B2B senior clients.
  3. (Go ahead and check with your consultant to see if you meet the criteria.)

-Important Stuff to Note

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Prices vary depending on whether your goods are electrified and where they're headed.
  2. Supercharge your savings with a whopping discount of up to 50% – all thanks to our brand-new air freight fee rate and the revolutionary Volume Weight Shrinking Service.

-Give Us a Bell

Your Go-To Guide: Need more info? Just get in touch with your personal business consultant.

-Seize the Moment

Grab the Opportunity: Seizing this exclusive opportunity could seriously change the game for your shipping needs. Don't wait – rev up your orders now and experience a whole new level of air freight excellence!

Bussiness Consultant: LEO


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